5 Digital Marketing Strategy Ideas For Start Ups

In this quick-paced and influencing the business industry, you have to take measures on setting up your brand name with a powerful Digital Marketing Strategy. Digital Marketing is a powerful tool and can contribute to your online presence, and positively affect your bottom line brand image and value.

Here are Digital Marketing strategy ideas for Start-ups to grow their business

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for Start-ups. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all other search engines are attempting to offer their users the most relevant outcomes for their searches. Every one of these search engines utilizes their own algorithms to examine your online presence.

Online visibility ought to be your priority as a start-up. Ensure that you have a strong search engine reputation by influencing viewers to read your content. A large portion of the visits to a website still starts with an internet search query. If your business isn’t in search engine results, you are missing out on a lot of valuable traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Launching a start-up is extremely difficult, so you’ll require all the assistance you can get, both online and offline. In an increasing Digital era, if your business isn’t on social networking sites then you virtually don’t exist, so developing your social media presence ought to be one of the principal objectives in your growth strategy. Social media advertising enables start-ups to support its growth. It can make a solid foundation whereupon all your social media efforts can be based. It can likewise give start-ups a roadmap to achieve their specific objective.

Via social networking sites, you ought to create quality content for your followers. Your social networks enable you to share value with your web followers. The more followers and engagement you have, the more exposure your products and services are likely to get. The key to social networking is to be consistent, reliable and engaging.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing ought to be one of your topmost priority, as it is a standout amongst the most cost-effective strategies. A great content marketing technique should transform your brand into an authority, raise search engine rankings, and extend your reach significantly.

Content drives traffic, enhances positioning, and could possibly enable your website to grab eyeballs. However, you need to keep in mind that you just can’t create any type of content; you have to ensure the quality of content is relevant to the user and in sync with your brand offerings.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is relatively new in the scope of digital advertising strategies. However, as far as concept is concerned, it is a modern means of word of mouth. Influencer marketing is the utilization of a person’s/individual network to promote a product or service. Influencers can go from bloggers to famous individuals on Instagram, and even become YouTube sensations overtime. Social influencers can be associated with start-ups for numerous opportunities.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet effective medium in digital marketing. Email marketing- sending out emails to your mailing list- can be a great tool for a start-up. It’s a cost-effective and best way to spread your message to the wider audience. In order to get noticed, you just need to catch someone’s attention with a catchy subject and crisp content.

7 Benefits of Market Research

You may have collected a lot of data from different sources but they will not provide any value to your organization until you don’t look at it properly & analysis them thoroughly. By doing the proper market research you get one step head which also helps you have an advantage over your business competitors.

Market research is a process of systematic, objective collection & analysis of about targeted niche, competition & environment and your goal should increase your understanding of them. The power of data is outstanding when it comes to market research. These data will help you immensely in making a strategic business decision & if it is done properly, the finding & conclusion you reach have a value which exceeds the cost of the research itself.

So let’s start looking at the benefits of the market research

Helps To Guide Your Communication – After you have the market research report in your hand, you can plan the most effective way to communicate with your targeted segment of people, you will also come to know about their liking & disliking etc.

Helps You To Identify the Opportunities – Market research can make it clear that a new product you are planning to launch may not be what your targeted market wants or needs. You are then able to make adjustments on what you are going to offer to your targeted segment of customer.

Helps You To Minimize Risk – By conducting in-depth market research, you will find all the information you need to decide to take action or not. For example, you wanted to an open your shop in a particular area but find that the particular area already has a saturated market in your niche of business.

Helps You To Find The Potential Problems – By conducting marketing research, you can get customer’s reactions to a new service or product while it is still being on developing stage. This should appraise any further development so it suits its anticipated market.

Enables You To Plan Ahead – Market research can estimate the like sales of a new service or products, which helps you to allocate the required advertising expenditure to achieve & maximize your business revenue.

Helps You To Identify & Establish Trends – If you do market research on an ongoing basis rather than periodically, you will find that you have lots of data which will help you to analysis your customers & establish any particular trends.

Helps You To Establish Your Market Positioning – Information derived from market research helps you to monitor your progress, knowledge of which can help you immensely to make decisions & take actions.

These are the prime benefits of market research which helps the business owners immensely in augmenting their business & also increase revenue for the business organization

Why Should You Use Video Ads in Your Marketing Strategy

Creating a company website for your company’s promotion is the key to digital marketing. It is the first step that will help you go global with the company mission and vision in clear accounts. The second step would be processing dynamic online marketing service strategies through image, text, video and other interactive media advertisements.

Among all these forms of online advertisements, video marketing has been proven to fetch most of the viewer’s attention with their innovative ideas and presentation. From startups to the multinationals, every company is using the platform of video ads to hike their online promotion.

Let us know all the reasons for the recent craze for video advertisement among the marketers and why you should apply this strategy to upgrade your company profile.

Compact Presentation: The first advantage of creating innovative video ads is that you can sum up the whole idea in the most compact way. Image ads fall short of space to present an over all idea where as text ads are boring sometimes for a specific section of viewers. Video ads are not only catchy, but also easy to make a strong impact on the viewer’s mind.

Viewer’s Preference for Video Ads: Today, all the strategies that a digital marketing service provides are tried with a lot of experiments and the most consistent result as far is the preference for video ads from the viewer’s perspective. The friendly approach of video ads added with the reliable content makes it easier for the marketers to interact with most of their old and new clients.

Huge SEO Benefits: Just like the viewers, the search engines love crisp and innovative video ads as they have huge SEO benefits, compared to the other forms of advertisements. These ads are most likable to be clicked than the image or text ads. When a target audience searches for relevant information, the video ads are most likely to increase the view rate.

Video Ads are Easily Sharable: Research shows that more than one billion video ads are shared via social networking sites every day. This shows the audience’s psychology of liking and sharing the ads they find attractive. Today’s video ads are so brief and convenient that they can be watched using any device, be it a smartphone or a laptop. The more the videos are shared, the more are the chances of online promotion.

Remarkable Improvement of Sales: Nothing can be as effective as showing your product service demonstration via short and crisp video ads. This will lead to the demand for the product to the target buyers across the globe. Research shows how presenting video ads has increased the online and offline sale of most of the companies as these has helped the viewer to get the most accurate information related to the use of a product.

So, here are the multiple benefits of online video ads that would surely help you to beat all your tough competitors from all over the globe. So, go ahead with the idea of video ads and see the remarkable differences! Consult with the best digital marketing service provider and set your own goal for the upcoming promotions.

How to Leverage Database Marketing to Increase Your Conversions

The face of Database marketing is still continuing to evolve despite being around for nearly three decades. Many marketers are yet to implement Database Marketing, wait a minute, what is Database Marketing?

Database marketing is the practice of classifying, collecting and then scrutinizing customer data to deliver tailored, relevant and effective marketing messages to customers. The database is compiled using data acquired from a range of internal sources including CRM, email correspondence, data warehouses, and, external sources like social media and discussion forums. The primary aim of database marketing is to use this information to implement marketing strategies that ultimately upsurges profits.

Here are six suggestions to drive your company’s marketing ROI and for long-term success in the millennial marketplace.

Step 1 – Start by segmenting list

Breaking up your contact lists into smaller segments is the first step in Database Marketing. These segments can be cut and combined in a number of different ways using a combination of value, life cycle, demographics, psychographics, industry, company size etc. to develop more personalized messaging strategies.

The basic level of segmentation involves sorting or arranging customers and prospects by key attributes like type, size or potential, sales revenue, employees, product purchases, purchase interest, etc. A higher level of segmentation involves profiling or scoring customers and prospects based on their customer journey and key insights like buying timeframe, market influence, and likelihood of repeat purchase and expected profit margin.

Profiling and scoring help in prioritizing your accounts and in designing effective data strategies by identifying frequencies, for example, 80% of ABC Corp’s profits are derived from the top 20% of customers or let’s say Software vertical comprise 35% of ABC Corporation’s customer base. A well – segmented targeted database can drive 66% higher conversion rates.

Step 2 – Expand your Universe

Identifying and connecting with high potential prospects is the primary goal of most marketers. For this knowing your ideal customer profile (ICP) and total addressable market (TAM) is very critical. Analyze and do a quick TAM analysis to figure out your current market penetration. Based on your buyer personas – “heavy users” that fit your predetermined criteria, expand your total addressable market (TAM) by identifying companies analogous to your ideal customers.

SMARTe can simplify the process by helping you run a quick TAM analysis to identify your current market penetration and suggest companies that best fit your Ideal customer profile.

Step 3 – Grow existing market share

There has been a long-standing belief that there are two distinct types of salespeople: hunters and farmers. But what do you do in a mature market where there seems to be little to hunt and no new fertile ground? The key is finding pockets of profitable, micro growth opportunities within your existing accounts. It’s easier, faster and less expensive to sell more to existing customer than acquiring new ones.

Do you feel there’s more scope to infiltrate your existing customer accounts? Are there more purchasing decision makers you want to reach?

Expand your existing accounts by targeting audience who have already shown interest in your service offerings or who have their colleagues who already are your clients. Your company’s client servicing, operations, and account managers play an important role in making this happen.

Step 4 – Customer Retention

Bringing in new customers is hard, but losing them is easy and costly. That’s why customer retention is critical. Increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits 25-95%.

To shift the focus from acquisition to retention, Consider updating CRM, , Become your customers’ trusted advisor and keep your customer happy, Send frequent communications, Interact on social media, Turn complaints into opportunities, Run loyalty programs etc.

Customer retention will give you visibility, trustworthiness and competitive edge to stand out in your industry and hold onto your hard-earned gains.

Step 5 – Optimal Channel and touch points

Several direct marketers were able to improve the effectiveness of their programs by implementing optimal contact management strategies and incorporating the impact of reconnecting into their audience selection strategy.

Communicate with your audience on all the channels they leverage, including web, mobile, and email. Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s “Rule of Seven” states that you must contact your buyers a minimum of seven times in an 18-month period for them to remember you.

Knowing that you need a minimum of seven touches, calculate upwards from there based on how much information you need to convey. If you can address your target account’s specific business challenges and give them the information they need to make a buying decision, your company earns their trust and gains credibility.

Step 6 – Measuring Results and Iterate

Database Marketing allows you to manage members, events, and contacts while at the same time keeping in touch with customer feedback and behavior. So how do you know if it’s working?

The great thing about Database Marketing is that everything is measurable, from open rates and click-through to sales. But from the outset, be clear about what you want to measure. Your goals might include increasing sales, generating leads, encourage referrals or getting a booking for an event.

Once you’ve identified your goals you want to measure, identify the performance indicators you’ll use to gauge progress towards those goals. This could be in the form of the volume of leads generated, conversion rates, average sale value, and the number of new purchases, revenue, and net profit.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is to put your findings to work – refine and develop future Database marketing campaigns based on your results. Each campaign you run gives you better and more accurate statistics about you. Record all feedback, track, and yardstick your success from the very beginning to improve your strategy.

Is The Moment Right For Making Use Of an Online Marketing System?

Having a trusted internet marketing system could be the best device that a network marketer could have. The task of multi-level marketer mainly focuses on recruiting people to be in their down lines. There was a time when the most effective tool for this job was the telephone. Now, with the supremacy of the internet, marketing through on the internet methods and having a great online marketing system can be the very best method to reach the most variety of individuals in as little time as feasible.

Exactly How Can It Benefit You?

The very best internet marketing devices assist networker marketers in promoting their business. It is simple to promote anything via the net nowadays; however the more important factor is the variety of quality potential customers that go to the site where the promotion is being revealed. The guideline of network marketing is the guideline of numbers; the more people that learn about your company, the higher the possibilities that individuals will certainly join you as well as make your business successful. A good online marketing system may provide you hundreds of visitors a day but is that enough to assure your success?

Online marketing systems that lead prospects to your website and your service do just half the job. An internet marketing system should be fascinating and captivating. When site visitors see your website, they need to understand that the business you supply is just what they have actually been awaiting all their lives. They need to see that it is an amazing venture that is most ingenious however still very simple. The trouble with the idea of multi-level marketing is that individuals believe that without a network of high quality prospects, there can be no success. No multi-level marketer is oblivious of what a sales call is, and even the most effective network marketer might dislike the concept of calling that individual they hardly also understand.

How it Functions?

The perfect online marketing system not just frees you from the tension of making cold calls; it ought to also be able to provide the chance in the most effective possible means. With the help of programs and also systems, network marketers could simply prepare discussions and videos assured to maintain their audience at the edge of their seats. Exactly what’s even more, all this can be done without the online marketer needing to talk a solitary word. Internet marketing is about replication, so the original has to be the most effective. An internet marketing system not only makes the possibility much more obtainable and also easy to understand, it additionally enables ideal replication of a system that functions. Those who enter into business of network marketing rarely have any experience, much more so the skills and management top qualities that are should make individuals follow them. With the most effective internet marketing tools, even the most novice marketing expert could deliver the best discussions that could move people to join business.

In the end, the goal of web marketing systems is not only making advertising and marketing very easy; the ultimate goal is for leads to make a decision. The very best online marketing system is the one that creates people to take a strategy.

Top 6 Tips to Generate Highest Email Marketing Conversion Rates

You might have seen emails getting piled up in your inbox. Out of those messages, you may ignore some and read a few of them. No matter what you do, the companies utilize email marketing as a way to expand their business operation cost-effectively. It is one of the oldest as well as the finest form of marketing strategy followed across the industries.

Although you can quickly reach your prospects using this tactic, there are a few businesses who take it for granted because of its traditional setup. But if you wish to see a rise in your conversion rates, you must exploit the power of email to the fullest. We have mentioned a few essential tips which help you to increase the conversion rate in a short period using email marketing. Read further to master those skills.

1. Content Still Rules

Content is King, and it will always remain the same. If you want to have the highest conversion rate, you must be wise enough to place the right contents in the right box. Study the customer’s behavioral pattern to customize the materials that help them. Also, it aids in providing the relevant information at the proper time. Hence, this strategy quickly boosts your conversion rate with minimum effort.
2. Be Mobile-Friendly

If you want to reach a large number of audience through email marketing campaigns, you should go mobile-friendly. Customizing your contents and campaigns for mobile devices will make your services as well as products easily viewable on multiple platforms. Hence it affects your marketing conversion rate positively. It is an ideal practice to follow the current trends in the technological space and implement the same in your business.
3. Personalization Matters

Instead of focusing on broad areas and failing to execute your campaigns, you must think of segmenting your audience list. You can customize the list based on various factors such as industry type, geographical location, and more. Once you complete the task of segmentation, you can directly proceed with the personalized campaign operations. This approach helps you to quickly reach the right prospects and also to track your progress.
4. Call-To-Action

Along with placing the right content in your email campaigns and landing pages, you must also concentrate on building a proper call-to-action in your website. Make sure this button is visible and simple to read. Besides, it should perform the task only it is assigned to do. If it takes the reader to some other part of the webpage or portrayed in a complicated manner, there is a high chance of losing a potential customer. Hence one must be careful while integrating these buttons in the website.

5. Announce Dazzling Offers

Before announcing the offers, you must segment your database and study the behavioral pattern of your audience. Once you complete these tasks, you can easily integrate this tip in your business operation. Based on the customer’s buying journey, you can come up with the fantastic offers that create urgency in them. For example, some limited-time discounts or contests that not only helps your clients but also drives more conversation rates.
6. Divert Your Focus

Stop focusing only on increasing the conversion rate. It might lower the chances of customers coming back to you. Although it helps in boosting your business revenue at present, it will not last long. Hence try to build a healthy relationship with your clients by diverting your focus on other areas as well. Invest your time in determining the customer’s interest and providing them the best of it.
Wrapping Up

Before it’s too late, try to integrate the tips mentioned above in your business. Follow them step-by-step and always stay ahead in the never-ending competition of marketing world. Although it consumes an additional effort now, it will surely help you in the long run. But not to forget, treat your clients as a business asset and provide the best of the services to them. It will yield maximum profit than anticipated and builds your brand value.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

The Internet has played a big role in people’s daily lives inciting a great impact in various aspects. With the constant development and advancement of technology, it has allowed effortless distribution of information, easier social connection and networking for both entrepreneurs and potential customers.

With this advancement, it also facilitated the evolution of advertising. From the traditional advertising involving conventional methods like print advertisements, magazines and other printed ads for distribution to digital marketing which utilizes the Internet and the use of an electronic device using various social media platforms and websites. This aligns with how people in today’s generation shop – online shopping which still allows and enables shoppers to directly buy goods and services on the web.

Digital marketing has been discovered to have a great potential in helping businesses interact and reach targeted audience through various mediums. With the aid of digital applications, there is no longer a need to spend much just for a single ad and this ad can be easily modified whenever the need arises. It narrow your target audience using the collected data.

With digital marketing, both small and big businesses alike in the modern economy can now be in an even playing field allowing them to make a positive difference with their products and services they offer.

It is the role of a digital marketer to create a strategy that puts clients’ existing and potential customers first. Customer feedback via comments, recommendations which is a powerful counterpart of the traditional word of mouth can attract other potential customers creating a network and possibly building a long lasting client relationship. Thus, it is of real importance for both clients and the digital marketing specialist to consider every minute details of the contents being created for customer feedback can also be considered as a double edged sword knowing that once the product and services does not meet up with the set expectations customers’ may throw and introduce a negative feedback which can possibly affect the dynamics of the business.

When a digital marketing business works hand in hand with a digital marketer, building connections with users and consumers is a lot more easier. The internet is a very broad platform for business, but the role of a digital marketer is to narrow it down to reach the targeted audience via Search Engine Optimization services since online visibility is also an important factor to consider in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing – Essential Marketing Solutions For Every Business

Social media marketing is another essential part of your SEO campaign, a way to reach a wider audience base and drive more traffic to your website.

One of the first things you have to do when it comes to social media marketing is to get a firm understanding of social media and how it works. Chances are you already have your own personal social media count, but what about your business. Search engine optimization companies are assisting clients with their social media requirements to ensure that they put their best foot forward, they reach their audience and they build their brand daily.

Social media is a platform online that has grown in popularity. The top names include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. These sites are used by members to stay in touch with family and friends via the internet, sharing photographs and content. On the other hand social media has become an affordable marketing solutions for companies, enabling them to reach their audience each and every day.

There are thousands of people who are on social media every minute of the day. In fact eighty three percent of adult females and seventy five percent of adult males in the United States alone have a Facebook Account which they access at least once a day. This is millions of people you can reach on a daily basis. All you need is one person to share your post and you immediately reach their friends. It is a great marketing tool that you cannot ignore when building a business in today’s technological world.

It is essential that you listen to your customers. Using social media marketing as part of your campaign puts you in direct contact with potential, current and past clients daily. You can listen to their needs, see what they want and then you can ensure you provide this to them, in order to grow your brand and build your business moving forward.

In addition to this, it is imperative that you remain consistent and any search engine optimization company will tell you that in order for your social media marketing to work, you need consistency. This applies to all your marketing, including your SEO campaign. Consistency means regular updates on your social media pages, regular blogs on your blog page and regular videos being added on YouTube and linked to your social media page to reach your audience without delay. Consistency will improve your changes of building your brand in the long run.

Further, you get to engage with your audience daily. You can put up a post on Facebook or a quick Tweet on Twitter and you may have a client or two who responds, likes the post or Tweet or shares it with their friends and family. Engaging with your audience on a regular basis ensures that they remember your name when looking for products or services that you provide.

It is important to be on more than one platform. Your search engine optimization company should be able to assist you with which platforms you should not be ignoring and how often they should be updated in order for your social media marketing campaign to prove a success.

Finally, always ensure that anything you post to your social media pages is interesting and informative. What you post should provide your clients with value, making them want to find out more.

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A Five-step Guide to Creating Online Marketing Strategy

In today’s modern landscape, businesses and consumers both are always online. This is the main reason why owners are mainly focusing on digital marketing. Digital marketers use digital technologies and online platforms to promote the products and services of businesses. Having a proper marketing strategy helps businesses to boost their reach and enable them to target their potential customers online.

It this digital landscape it is easy to understand the importance of having a futuristic marketing strategy. But the real complication arises when it comes to crafting an online marketing plan. Businesses can consider hiring one of the best marketing agencies in Leeds, as well as in the other cities in the world according to their preference. They can also consider making their in-house marketing team. Based on your preference you can opt for any option you like. But before starting your campaign, check out here a complete guide and learn how you can create futuristic online marketing strategy.

1. Conduct an SEO Campaign

SEO is the best way to drive traffic organically. Availing professional search engine optimization services will boost your search engine ranking and improve your online visibility. Due to this reason you will not only get traffic on your website, but building brand value will also become easier for you.

2. Invest in Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media channels. Due to this reason, businesses are always recommended to invest in a Facebook ad campaign. It will help them to target the maximum numbers of customers within minimum time.

3. Conduct a PPC Ad Campaign

This is another excellent way to drive traffic through the SERP. But this time owners have to pay the search engine to achieve higher ranking. But unlike an organic campaign, here you do not have to wait to achieve top ranking.

4. Be Active on Instagram

Instagram is another popular social media platform where owners must focus to boost their online reach. Based on your preference you can consider hiring creative agencies in Leeds , as well as in the other cities in England according to your preference. Apart from just branding services, creative agencies also help their clients to make the most of their social media profiles.

5. Focus on Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the pillar of digital marketing. By opting for this marketing approach, you will be able to target your potential customers directly. There’s one more reason for which businesses are recommended to invest in email marketing. By choosing the right tools, you will be able to conduct the entire campaign for free.

So, this is how owners can craft a futuristic digital marketing campaign. It will help them to promote their products and services to the right customers and enable them to dominate the renowned author writes articles on internet marketing. He always suggests owners to hire the best marketing agencies in Leeds in order to boost the online reach of their businesses.

Digital Marketing Agency – What to Expect From

So, you’re thinking of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency to take care of your online marketing? Outsourcing your marketing efforts can be a scary step, but we are here to help you. Let’s take a look at what to expect from hiring a marketing agency.

Look at the services they offer

Take a look at the actual things they offer. Are they covering what you need? Do you need more than you first thought? Online marketing covers a vast amount of skills and processes, possibly more than you knew were out there. Take time to read through what each agency does and pick one that suits you.

Are they willing to explain or are they trying to overcomplicate?

A good Digital Marketing Agency will speak a language that you understand. They will happily explain any processes and reveal their “secrets”. Marketing is not like the “Magic Circle”. Agencies are there to save you time and speed up results. Don’t go with an online marketing agency who refuses to explain things clearly.

Will the Digital Marketing Agency integrate with your existing team?

A good agency will feel like additional team members who lighten the load for your in-house staff. A lousy agency won’t communicate or will load up extra work on your existing team.

Your team know your industry inside out. Although an agency will be able to research your industry, they should always check back with you. You know your customers. You know how they tick. A good agency will respect that and won’t assume they know better.

Are they willing to meet up?

Always meet face to face first. Having a local digital marketing agency who is willing to meet with you is essential for you to be able to scope them out. At Your Marketing Guy, we always meet our clients face to face, wherever they are in the country.

It’s not just the initial meetings. Being able to brainstorm online marketing ideas while you’re in the same room is so much better than having to work over email or phone. If you work with an agency, make sure your key contacts are based locally to you so that you can meet often. If an agency refuses to meet up, take it as a red flag.

Guaranteeing results over outcomes

Unfortunately, marketing results can’t be exactly guaranteed. A digital marketing agency who claims to be able to get you on the front page of Google within a month is either lying, or they are doing something dodgy.

A good agency will work within “white hat” online marketing principles to get a good result over time. Every piece of work they do will add together to a solid strategy.

Set goals you both agree on

Always set a goal. Give your agency a goal for every campaign they run – even if it’s just a 5% improvement month on month. If you aren’t setting goals, then the agency won’t know what to work with.