I Found a Great New Job

I guess that things could not be going a lot better for me than they have. I found a girlfriend who told me where to get a far better job than the one that I have. It turns out that her great grandfather is the founder of this company and the current president is her Uncle Frank. He seems like an awesome guy, but he rarely shows up to work and when he does he is wearing goofy golfing clothes. At any rate the one day I saw him at his desk he was on betting web sites making bets on like every single NFL game that was on that week. Then he asked me if I was really a good ringer. I had no clue what he meant, but it turned out that I had been hired because Shelley had told her that I had played point guard in college. They had a basketball team and they desperately needed a ringer.

Now I did play basketball in college, but it is not as though many people ever saw me on TV showing off my mad skills. If you went to a random playground in the suburbs there is a decent chance that I would be one of the better players there. I was really disappointed to tell Uncle Frank that Shelley had scammed him, but I asked if the team was any good. He just frowned sadly. At any rate I went and worked out with them, they were in need of three ringers if I counted for a ringer. Luckily for us the first team that we played was even worse than we were and I hired us a guy who could score. The dude was an incredible ballhog in college, which was a pretty good thing in this case.